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Front photo 2

The 2011-2012 Texas A&.M Aggie Pullers Team with the 2011 Tractor.

Front photo 3

2009 tractor competing in the 1050 lbs. weight class.

Front photo 4

2011 tractor being evaluated by industry professionals during design judging.

Front photo 5

The team presentation portion of the contest where we present the different factors taken into consideration when designing and manufacturing the 2009 tractor model.

Front photo 6

Tyrell Love navigating through the meneuverability contest with the 2011 tractor.

What sets us apart?

It's a design competition like no other. While similar events focus on technical skill and innovation, the ASABE ¼-Scale Tractor Student Design Competition also demands that participants analyze market factors, document their development and test efforts, and sell the merits of their product-just as an engineering team would in the workplace.

The contest has four components: written design report, team presentation, static design judging, and performance-the last element comprising a multistage tractor pull.

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Texas A&M Aggie pullers was recently featured in an article that appeared in the online version of the publication. Click the link to view. E*zine

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